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International Training Course 
Video Making for NGO
16-24 June 2019 | Kuusamo, Finland
Training course aims to develop basic video-making and promotional competencies of youth/social workers. During the course, the main practical activity will be creating promotional videos for several Kuusamo charities.
Objectives of the training course:
  • To improve youth worker's knowledge on how to create a story, deliver a clear message online, creating a storyboard, copyrights, and basics of video-making.
  • To improve youth worker's skills on video-making, editing and publishing videos online.
  • To develop youth worker's empathy towards people with fewer opportunities, in order to make a positive change in their NGOs and communities
  • To improve youth worker's confidence in digital competencies and increased their usage in daily work.

Participation in the training is free of charge.
Accommodation and food
The costs for food and accommodation are fully covered by the grant received from the European Commission.
Travel reimbursement
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Portugal, Spain (2 persons/country) - 530€/person
Visa costs for participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine 60€/person
Participants are required to arrange their own travel and medical insurance for the duration of the training course. This is a mandatory condition for attending.