EventsIPSA RC41- Fourth International Workshop on Geopolitics of Small States in the 21st Century


IPSA RC41- IV International Workshop on Geopolitics of Small States in the 21st Century
Application deadline: March 1, 2020 - 10:30
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The intended Workshop: "Fourth International Workshop on Geopolitics of Small States in the 21st Century" in Yerevan, Armenia represents the fourth international conference organized by International Political Science Association's Research Committee (RC 41) on Geopolitics following those convened in Moscow (2010), Jerusalem (2013), and Austin, Texas (2019).
The two-day workshop is designed to bring together up to fifteen leading scholars on small states to discuss political, security, economic, geopolitical, and technological issues in the world which impact small states in terms of sustainable development and chances for international maneuver. This will allow: (a) discussing the main challenges and threats to the global and regional security architecture and (b) exploring possibilities for small states to transform these challenges and threats into opportunities for prosperity, peace, and cooperation.
Accordingly, the Yerevan Workshop will be conducted in an open discussion format, with scholarly presentations divided into 3 panel sessions, with 3 – 4 papers at each session, followed by additional discussion among the academic participants, representatives of the government/policy and private sector professional communities and the Russian-Armenian University student and faculty campus audience. Once the panelists have concluded their presentations, a designated discussant will then respond with a brief set of oral comments (10-15 minutes), after which each panel chair will open the floor to questions and comments (45-60 minutes) from the audience.
The 3 panel themes are devoted to:
The future of small states in the changing world order: The art of maneuver in the face of rising great power competition
The session will collect contributions on the changing international security environment, the new face of global and regional power competition, as well as its impact on formation and transformation of foreign policy agendas in different parts of the world. This session will also attract contributions on the role of international organizations in fostering interests of small states.
Technology, innovation, and small states in a changing international environment
This session brings together scholars to discuss the impact of technological developments (4th Industrial Revolution, AI, robotics, cyber security, etc.) upon the international relations of small states.
Small states, big nations: The power of Diasporas and other networks in traditional power relations
The third session will focus on non-traditional means of national power, such as Diaspora and other networks of cooperation, to enhance the role and influence of small states in the international arena.
Anyone wishing to participate in the RC-41 Yerevan Workshop and to contribute by addressing any of the above topics is invited to submit an initial paper proposal.
The Proposal and/or Abstract (limited to 750 words or less) should be sent to Ruben Elamiryan and to Igor Okunev
Final date for submission 1 March 2020
Notice of Acceptance 20 April 2020
No registration fee is required.
Acceptance is conditioned, however, upon the participant’s commitment to full, active attendance at all panel sessions and discussions throughout the two days of the Workshop, in addition to one paper presentation.
Participants in the 2020 Yerevan International Workshop are expected to cover all personal transportation arrangements and expenses. Limited IPSA conference travel grants may be available upon special request to help defray partial air fare costs for junior scholars or in exceptional cases. Hotel accommodations (three nights from October 18 to October 21) during the Workshop will be provided for direct participants courtesy of Russian-Armenian University.
All Workshop sessions will be held at Russian-Armenian University.
1 March 2020 - Submission of Proposals / Abstracts
20 April 2020 - Notice of Acceptance
10 September 2020 - Full Paper Submission
10 October 2020 - Final Program