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Project title: Evaluation of Scientific, Educational and Practical Cooperation between German and Armenian Institutions in Healthcare Information and Communication Technologies
Project summary.
The proposed project addresses evaluation of feasibility, and conducting necessary preparationsand research for setting up long-term scientific and educational partnership between applicant institutions (University of Regensburg in Germany, and Russian-Armenian University in Armenia) in the field of Healthcare Information and Communication Technologies (HICT), via establishing contacts, identifying and assessing areas of collaborative research, conducting workshops and exchange visits of participating scientists.
The value of the project is related to importance of research in the field of HICT for increasing the quality and accessibility of healthcare services and improving functioning of healthcare systems worldwide. ICT for Health is among the long-term research priorities in the European Union. The scope of the proposed project is also in line with the official agenda in Armenia for research and developments in the field.
The specific objectives of the project are: to establish contactsand to sign official collaboration agreements between the participating institutions; to conduct research on current situation in both Germany and Armenia in terms of scientific, educational and practical projects and programmes in the field of HICT; to identify priority areas for subsequent collaborative activities; and to develop a detailed plan (blueprint) for long-term scientific, educational and practical collaboration involving institutions in Germany and Armenia.
The University of Regensburg through its Faculty of Medicine and Medical Centre (UKR), as well as eHealth Competence Centre (eHCC) has pioneered scientific reaserch, education and implementation of modern Healthcare ICT applications and services. Klughammer LLC is a leading German SME focusing on HICT solutions and project management worldwide. The Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (RAU) is a leading public higher education institution in Armenia, with study programmes in health sciences, physics, informatics and telecommunications. A preliminary agreement exists between the partners, on working towards establishing long-term partnership in the field of HICT.
The methodology of the project (duration – 12 months), includes the following measures: set up of the project team in Germany and Armenia, and development of the work plan; preparatory work for organization and conduct of the workshops and summer school: research and presentation, logistics, announcements, programmes, invited speakers and audience; two workshopsin Armenia, and a summer school in Germany on current practices and opportunities for future collaboration in the field of HICT;finalising and publishing of recommendations and blueprint for subsequent collaboration; signing of bilateral agreements; reporting to the funding bodies.
The main results of the project will be: understanding and mutual recognition of scientific, education and practical objectives of the partner institutions in the target field; generation of research data on current uses, practices, challenges and necessary measures in both countries; increased expertise of Armenian partner’s staff; and development of practical guide to subsequent large-scale collaboration.The resulting cooperation will bring forward new opportunities for joint research in Health Sciences and Information and Communication Technologies, for exchange of specialists and knowledge, for implementing new projects and programmes, and for overall strengthening of international cooperation in science, education and technology.