NEWSRAU Became Winner of the Inter-university Festival 'Universiade 2017'

RAU Became Winner of the Inter-university Festival "Universiade 2017"
On October 24 – December 14, Russian-Armenian University hosted the Inter-university Festival "Universiade 2017".
During an eventful month of various contests, games and competitions, participants from 17 Armenian and Artsakh universities competed to win the title “Best University”. As the tradition goes, the Universiade included football, basketball, table tennis, chess, shooting, dancing, acting, as well as an intellectual game "What? Where? When?", a comedy show contest KVN, a singing contest and other activities.
During the closing ceremony, the winners of all the past contests were announced and received special prizes. The overall winner of the "Best University" title became Russian-Armenian University. Yerevan State University took the second place, and the National Polytechnic University of Armenia was the third.
Russian-Armenian University has been hosting the Inter-university Festival "Universiade 2017" jointly with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia since 2014 with the aim to promote cooperation and interaction between Armenian students.