NEWSRAU Institute of Oriental Studies hosted 'The Kurdish Question and the Issues of Stateless Nations' Round-table

RAU Institute of Oriental Studies hosted 'The Kurdish Question and the Issues of Stateless Nations' Round-table
On November 10, the Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian-Armenian University hosted a round-table “The Kurdish Question and the Issues of Stateless Nations”.
The round-table gathered the field’s leading experts, in particular, representatives of the Caucasian Geopolitical Club, the “Noravank” scientific-educational foundation, Modus Vivendi Center, as well as RAU academic staff.
RAU Vice-rector for Science Prof. Pargev Avetisyan opened the event and addressed the scholars, “Discussing the Kurdish question in the context of this round-table is purely academic: we are looking forward to hearing opinions in the scientific framework, without going political”. He added that the issue was rather “sensitive”, but RAU Institute of Oriental Studies offered an excellent platform to discuss the existing issues in the region, to design ways to solve them and to develop related concepts. “We are open to scientific debate and discussion”, he added.
As Prof. Garnik Asatryan, Head of RAU Institute of Oriental Studies, mentioned, the issue is of great current interest in the context of geopolitics. “This is the first academic discussion around the Kurdish question and RAU Institute of Oriental Studies’ coming into the spotlight as a new research center”, he highlighted.
The need to address the question from an academic point of view was also emphasized by Associate Prof. of RAU Department of World History and Foreign Area Studies Victoria Arakelova, “Media outlets, television, the Internet sources and periodicals worldwide are replete with, so to speak, expert opinions that contradict the basic academic notions and the historical truth. Their unwillingness to see the reality if not supports the bias of the expert community representatives , then displays their superficial knowledge about the situation that is based only on current monitoring”.
During the round-table, the scholars discussed various aspects related to the Kurdish question, issues of regional geopolitics, the Baluchi issue in Iran in the context of the emerging secessional processes, the myth of Kurdish unity and other matters.
Political expert Fahraddin Aboszoda, one of the leaders of the Talysh national movement, joined the round-table via video call. He presented his book “Thinking the Unthinkable. My Fight for the Independent Talyshistan”, which will be of interest for specialists and students in politics, international relations, oriental studies and all those who follow the political situation in the region.